AWWE Facts

So You want some insight behind the AWWE! This page will give you the important little information and history you need to enjoy the show better and become a true AWWE Fan!
The Great Khali won his first title during Season 4 Of The AWWE As United States Champion.
On July 14th 2010 during Season 4 The AWWE Started Letting The Fans Represent AWWE Superstars For Bragging Rights.

Goldberg is the first superstar to hold 3 single titles at once. He held WCW, World Heavyweight, & Champion Of Champions all at once.

Edge Won the 1st Biggest Comeback In AWWE History winning the AWWE Championship in a comeback match vs HHH at The Bash 3.

MVP won his first major title, The World Heavyweight Championship, at Survivor Series via an traditional Survivor Series Elmination Tag.
Ted Debiase's first solo championship was the AWWE Hardcore Championship.
MVP & Big Show competed in there first ever big major title shot at Show Summerslam 2.
All The Contenders To The World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam 2 took part in the AWWE Corporation at one time or another.
The 2nd Ever Summerslam is September 6 , 2009. It will feature the best of the present vs the best of the past AWWE and also marks a full year of PPVs. Summerslam started it all. Summerslam will forever be the Anniversary of AWWE. This date also marks its 1st Anniversary.
Beth Phoenix on August 16th 2009 won here first AWWE Women's Championship in a 6 Diva Battle Royal that included the current champ Victoria and legendary AWWE Diva Melina.

John Cena & Big Show are tied with 5 Defenses with the Hardcore Championship. Both being stopped by Earthquake on the 5th Defense.
Batista won his first ever AWWE World Heavyweight Championship on August 16th 2009. Defeating William Regal at Night Of Champions
 HHH The Game after a very slow career one his first title in Season 2's Judgement Day defeating his former partner HBK & King Of Ring Winner Earthquake.
As Of August 2nd 2009, Vladimir Kozlov began negotians with the AWWE
Undertaker & Edge main evented the 1st Ever Judgement Day in Televised JTV History on Aug. 2nd 2009.
Rey Mysterio is the first ever AWWE Royal Rumble Winner He would then go on to face HHH, Jeff Hardy, & The Current World Heavyweight Champion at that time to win the main event at AWWE WM-1
Earthquake was the first ever AWWE King Of The Ring. He would go on to win the AWWE Championship from the Undertaker in the 1st ever Monsters Royal featuring also Vader & Kane.

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