Bobby Lashley - The Real Deal

   Bobby Lashley busted onto the AWWE Scene in Season 1 of the AWWE. Going straight to the WWE title picture due to a big deal. Bobby Lashley was on Smackdown and Tag Team Champions with Bret Hart. After Bret Hart's approval of coming over and teaching Austin a Lesson. See Austin had just recently injured Roddy Piper and came off an cheap title defense and no one was caring for Austin at that moment. So Lashley left the AWWE Tag Team Championship on Smackdown and came over to feud with Austin. This feud would put the AWWE on the map. Bobby Lashley and Austin had several great bouts one that comes to mind most is the 2nd Match of the Steel Cage when Bobby Lashley would bring in the gold. Bobby Lashley is the Real Deal and very deserving to be in the Hall Of Fame.

Crash Holly.

Crash Holly was known as the 1st Hardcore Champion in AWWE History. He would reign supreme till Santino Marella would get a 2nd shot at his title and win on the stage of Backlash Season 1.

Sabu - The Homicidal Suicidal Def Defying

       HOMICIDAL , SUICIDAL, DEF DEFYING!! SABUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Its what comes to mind the minute someone says Sabu's name. Sabu is the best Intercontinental Champion in AWWE History. He isn't the first Kane wears that right. Sabu though, unlike Kane who jobbed to Helms in his first defense, succesfully defended the title 7x in a row. Defeating the likes of Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, Booker T, Ric Rude, Kane, Gregory Helms and more. He won the title from Gregory Helms and started a hardcore history with the Intercontinental championship competing in extreme matches, ladder matches, steel cage matches & more. Sabu would eventually lose the title to the Legend Killer Randy Orton. In Season 1 of SVR09. Sabu would return months later to ECW where he would help Tommy Dreamer get revenge on Mark Henry for injuring him. Him & Rob Van Dam would eventually defeat The Big Tymerz Mark Henry & Umaga & Become the AWWE Tag Team Champions. The eventually lost the title unbelievable to Kendrick & Jericho. Sabu is still around in the AWWE as the first living breathing Hall Of Famer of the AWWE. I'm sure Sabu has more to come for us. Stay Tuned!

Stone Cold - The Rattlesnake - Austin 3:16

   Stone Cold is not only the first person to be inducted into the AWWE Hall Of Fame but he's the first AWWE Champion of all time. Even though his first match was impromptu and he received a whipping from Roddy Piper.  Stone Cold would then go on in the same night and win a ladder match between Ric Rude & Booker T to become the first ever AWWE Champion. He was a heel character during his reign. He snuck a victory on Piper in later months due to an injury Piper had during the match. Later Lashley would come to Raw in Piper's Place.  Stone Cold & Lashley had a fierce rivalry. Lashley would beat him eventually but there rivalry would go on and on.  Most remember the classic Steel Cage match up for the AWWE Championship. Stone Cold was last seen on the last Episode of Raw on SVRO8 trying to win the title in a epic match vs Kane, Undertaker, & Lashley.  Kane would win on that night but Stone Cold would never be forgotten for what he did in AWWE!

Trish Stratus - 100 Percent Stratusfaction

 Trish Stratus is the first Diva to be placed in the hall of fame. Not Really by Choice it was Melina that put her there after an increadible match merging the Women's & Diva's Championship into the AWWE's most dominant diva Championship. Trish would then retire from the AWWE. Her credentials include her first reign as divas champion in AWWE. Trish would never be beaten for this title. It was vacated when Trish was one of the superstars to be missing and abducted at the hands of the Boogeyman. She would then return to regain the Women's Championship 2x. Her firest reign was stopped moments after by the Corporation 2.0 as the match was restarted and she was defeated by Michelle McCool. She would later get a rematch and redeem it back from McCool. It was during this reign that she met up Melina and begun a rivalry that was historic. Its just sad that it ended her Career.

Umaga - The Samoan Bulldozer

The Samoan Bulldozer Umaga first showed his true talent teamed with Mark Henry to form the initial group the Big Tymerz. Later others would join such as Earthquake, Vader, & Big Daddy V. The Force of Henry was felt when they won there first AWWE Tag Team Championship vs the team of SaveUs.Experience's Jericho & Elijah Burke. Umaga is also known for his Hardcore dominance stopping Cena and kicking Cena out of the Corporation when it was first formed. This would not be in end of Umaga's greatness he also marked in the history of AWWE's King Of The Ring Members. He passed during his last reign of AWWE Intercontinental Champion.

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