Once every Season a King Of The Ring tournament is held. This tournament was held twice in the first Season of AWWE. This traditional tournament usually crowns a number 1 contender to any major title of there choice.

1st Ever King Of The Ring -Earthquake

  Earthquake is the definiton and a pure pioneer in the AWWE. Earthquake bust on the scene in AWWE becoming the 1st ever King Of The Ring winner. He then went on to defeat Kane, Undertaker, & Vader in the first ever Monsters Brawl to become Champion. he would have a nice reign until the Survivor Series , Armagedeon Hell In A Cell Match up in Season 1. Bourne would win on that night not pinning Earthquake but Chris Jericho. Earthquake was an unstoppable force as Co-Leader with the Big Tymerz with Mark Henry. The Brothers Of Destruction would end these guys reign and put an end to them. Earthquake later on in his career stop the Big Show's reign as Hardcore Champion. Short lived he would lose it to Umaga. Earthquake again stopped a legendary Reign of John Cena as Hardcore Champion. This would mark 2nd time as Earthquake as champion stopping to great Hardcore Champions. Earthquake would live a great reign and even burn Giant Bernard , corporate member, out of the AWWE at Cyber Sunday. The night after he would be put in a 6 Man BR orders of McMahon and lose the title to Ted Debiase Jr.

2nd Ever King Of The Ring - Ric Flair

Ric Flair came to the AWWE and won King Of The Ring. Ric Flair had a contraversial match with Big Show and won. He would then go on to defeat Randy Orton in another contraversial match at No Way Out. Ric Flair is a true fighter that headlined WM 1 of the AWWE vs Orton and Edge in a TLC Match and won. His title reign ended at Backlash when Edge defeated him.

Umaga - 3rd Ever King Of The Ring

 Umaga won his King Of The Ring right at the last broadcast of SVR09 defeating Rob Van Dam in the finals.

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