AWWE Confrontation
1. Swagger vs Sabu:HC Championship
2. The Rock vs CM Punk: WCW Championship
3. Christian vs Jericho vs HHH vs HBK: Battle Royal
4. Shelton vs Kane:IC Championship
5. Jeff Hardy vs Orton vs Cena - R-Truth: ECW Contendership Match
**Dark Matches WIll Follow These Matches For Guys Of Lower Ranks*
** Now In Effect 1 Match Per Night Based On Rank(Except for Champions in Champions Of Champions Matches)**
1 .Crowning Over The Top Royal
2. Champion vs Champion - Ziggler vs Jack Swagger
3. Diva Championship - Natalya vs Melina
4 .Women's Championship: Maryse vs Michelle McCool (REMATCH)
5. AWWE Championship - HHH vs Kane -
6. World Heavyweight Championship - Shawn Micheals vs The Rock
7. Extreme Rules Hardcore Championship - Jeff vs Jack Swagger
8. DX vs Hardy's - TLC- Undisputed Tag Team Championship
AWWE Confrontation Card Wednesday 21st

1. Hardcore Championship: Open Challenge

2. AWWE World Heavweight Number 2 Contender Matchup:Top 5 Superstars In Attendance On Show

3. AWWE Number 1 Contender Matchup: Top 2 Superstars In Attendance On Show

4. Champion Of Champions: The Rock(Emrac) vs Kane(Lamont) vs Y2J(Beediemane) vs Christian(LeonLeo) vs Shelton Benjamin(JC) vs Edge (LeonLeo)

*Other Matches & Contendership Available to those that show and are in the best ranking for that match*

*Also you may always challenge other superstars to matches for ranking points if you and your opponent are present*

1. Hardcore Championship - Jeff Hardy vs Y2J vs HBK vs Ted Debiase.
2. Intercontinental Championship - Big Show Defends vs Edge
3. Main Event - AWWE World Heavyweight Championship - The Rock vs Randy Orton
4. Ending Show Promo's & Challenges For PPV Night Of Champions Season 4
Tag Team Championship - Boom Bourne over Batista & Zeke.
Divas Championship - Natalya takes Melinas title.
US Championship - Khali wins back his Championship.
World Heavyweight Championship - Orton wins a Armagadeon Hell In A Cell to become WHC.
AWWE Championship - Kane takes title from Y2J.

AWWE Smackdown vs Raw