McMahon To Guest Host on Special Preshow for Survivor Series!
Nerdy Tom :Well Welcome to another edition of Nerdy Tom's Corner. Mr.McMahon will be having a special Preshow tonight. I'm here I'm not allowed to say much but introduce him. Its our current full owner Mr. McMahon the man currently in charge of AWWE.
Next Generation Member? Jack Swagger!
McMahon: It will be a great show. I want to talk about the next generation of the AWWE. Which will be showcased here tonight. The first of who I think will be the future in the AWWE. Jack SWAGGER!!!..... will be apart of tonights Preshow vs Mr. Kennedy for the US Championship.

The Brian Kendrick:Next Generation Member
Also The Brian Kendrick a former AWWE Tag Team Champion, I feel will be the future of this business. Im placing him in a title shot tonight vs the Cruiserweight Champion Evan Bourne.

Last but not least. Another Next Generation member and honorary Corp members all these guys will be...Vladimir Kozlov!! Vladimir will be challenging for the Hardcore Championship at the Preshow. These guys are the new talent of the AWWE and we are looking forward to pushing these guys to new heights in the next few months going into SVR 2010. These 3 guys will be placed automatically in the Royal Rumble effective as today.

 Tonight I'll discuss more matters on former Co Owner and Corp Member AntDaGamer. So don't miss the Preshow for Survivor Series. at 3:30 PM today.

Mr. McMahon Now Controls AWWE Completely

Dear AWWE Universe,
  With the recent events of AntDaGamer being burned me and the AWWE Board Of Directors have decided he is in no state of mind at the current time to make decisions for the AWWE. I will be accepting these responsibilities. Starting with arrangements for Survivor Series. First of all this year there will be no Armagadeon Hell In A Cell Until Armagadeon. Championship Titles will be put on the line in traditional Survivor Series matchups and Battle Royal Elimination matchups. The AWWE and World Heavyweight Championship will be decided in Traditional Survivor Series matches. John Cena, MVP, Jeff Hardy, and and Randy Orton the guy I'm appointing as number 1 contender to Jeff's Championship will have there on teams. They can determine these teams themselves. More Contenders will be announced during AWWE Monday Night Raw. It's a priveledge to be running this organization completely under my control. Ant will return as an announcer as of next week and until he seems to be healthy I will have full control. The board and I will review him as we see fit.
Cruiserweight Championship:TLC - Paul London vs Evan Bourne 3 - Bourne wins.
Women's Championship - Mickie vs Victoria 2 - MIckie Wins
Undisputed Tag Team Championship:DX vs Brothers Of Destruction-BOD WIns
Intercontinental Championship:Falls Count Anywhere- Cody vs Jericho 2-Cody WIns
Co-Owner vs Corporation:Inferno Match - AntDaGamer vs Shane McMahon-Shane Wins
United States Championship - Kurt Angle vs Mr. Kennedy-Kennedy Wins
World Heavyweight Championship - Cena vs MVP 5-Cena Wins
AWWE Championship:Steel Cage Fury - CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy-Hardy Wins
FORCES COLLIDE Sept 20th 2009
Cruiserweight Championship:TLC - Paul London vs Evan Bourne 3
Women's Championship - Mickie vs Victoria 2
Undisputed Tag Team Championship:DX vs Brothers Of Destruction
Intercontinental Championship:Falls Count Anywhere- Cody vs Jericho 2
Co-Owner vs Corporation:Inferno Match - AntDaGamer vs Shane McMahon
United States Championship - Kurt Angle vs Mr. Kennedy
World Heavyweight Championship - Cena vs MVP 5
AWWE Championship:Steel Cage Fury - CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy
Undisputed Tag Team Championship: DX vs Edge & Christian
Women's Championship:Mickie James vs Victoria
Unforgiven Inferno Match:Shane McMahon vs Chavo Guerrero
Intercontinental Championship - Cody Rhodes vs  Chris Jericho
AWWE Championship - Jeff Hardy vs Chuck Palumbo
AWWE World Heavyweight Championship - John Cena vs Batista

Welcome to Nerdy's Tom 3rd Editon and this week we go head to head with the current US Champion Mr. Kennedy
Kennedy - KEnnnnedYYY

Tom - INJURY.. I mean Kennedy .....sorry man bad habit.

Kennedy - I gotcha.

Tom - So man I'm hoping your gonna change and give the US division what it needs a another true face as champion.

Kennedy - We'll I'm DOING what I Can DO. It's hard but I really haven't did much of anything since turning on MVP.

Tom - You're right anything you want to tell the fans.

Kennedy - I'm sorry. I just hated when we lost the belts me and MVP made history the first ever AWWE Tag Team Champs and when we lost them it hurt. I had no one to blame but myself though I wanted to blame MVP he had a US title at that time and I was jealous. Once Again I'm Sorry!!

Tom - I think you said that pretty sincere. Is there anyone in the locker room you look up to right now?

Kennedy - Right now its HBK. The guy did something wrong like I did and now he's back to himself making people believers again. I hope I can do the same make people believe in Kennedy again and be a good champion.

Tom - So you think HBK can win the Elimination Chamber this Sunday?

Kennedy - Heres an AWWE fact maybe you guys should put it on the site but a title has always changed hands in the Elimination Chamber. So with that being said and the fact that Shawn has one an Elimination Chamber match himself at No Way Out of Season One. Then I think he can.

Tom - I didn't even think of those things. Corporation time. What do you think Vince will do when he gets back and do you think Shane is ready for Rey Mysterio?

Kennedy - Honestly I don't think you mess with the McMahons. Now people here me out. I'm not saying there good guys. I'm just saying they always got something up there sleeves. As far as Mysterio the man is undefeated at Last Man Standing but Shane is undefeated in AWWE period!

Tom - There you have it the opinions of Mr. Kennedy. I got to get back to working on the site were less than 24 hours away from Summerslam. Thanks Kennedy!



*sits ups and sits back down**


Ant: Hello Batista! This weekend Summerslam! World Heavyweight Champions. Elimination Battle Royal. Your Thoughts on Big Show, Cena, & MVP.

Batista: Well Big Show has been a thorn on me for a long time and I'm looking forward to beating him since he did beat me in a match for the US Title. Big Show has turned face somewhat so now it isn't so much personal. Yet the animal has a score to settle.

Ant: So does that mean your still mad at me for the corp days?

Batista: Well You managed to get yourself back in order. You payed back the corp. My old friends HHH & HBK has the Unified Tag Titles. You did what was right so I forgive you.

Ant: Okay MVP Your thoughts....?
Batista: MVP made a good name for himself in the US Division. Until JBL ran him out of it. I don't think MVP is ready for me. I don't think he deserves to be in here. He was just pushed in this matchup with the help of aligning himself with Mr.McMahon. Now that Mr.McMahon is taking time off at least I don't have to worry about him much after I beat him.

Ant: Last but not least. I'm not going to lie, my man , John Cena!

Batista: Its odd but I respect Cena. The man has been a 2x US Champion, one of the Best Hardcore Champions in History, & now he's on his way to the Big Time. Cena won a match like this vs me before we went on vacation. This Sunday its Big. This Sunday Its SUMMERSLAM! I'm looking to stop Cena. Cena is one of the best. You know what now that I look at this matchup. I can see why the Corp was on top for so long. All these guys was in the Corporation at one time or another. This Sunday Though its not alliances its about the World Heavyweight Championship and I'll be Damned it there is another name on this belt besides, The Animal, BATISTA!

AWWE Smackdown vs Raw