HHH The Game got it done tonight! History was made he did what people thought He could not do. He won his first Championship in Season 2 at Judgement Day. The Undertaker also did it again tonight becoming a 3x AWWE Champion defeating Edge. Full Results are Below


Judgement Day Results
Women's Championship:Victoria vs Maria - Victoria Wins
US Championship:Iron Man-CM Punk vs JBL JBL Retains
IC Championship: Hardcore Falls Count Anywhere: Giant Bernard vs Raven - Bernard Retains
Cruiserweight Chamionship:Miz vs Cody Rhodes - Cody retains via DQ. Debiase turns his back on Cody & Legacy & wants a shot at Cody's title.
WCW Championship:The Great Khali vs The Big Show - Khali wins the title & Big Show wins an invite to the Corporation.
Hardcore Championship:3 Way Steel Cage:Batista MVP Cena - Cena is once again champion.
ECW Championship:Umaga vs John Morrison - Umaga squashes Morrison and wins his first ECW championship belt.
World Heavyweight Championship:Earthquake vs Shawn Micheals vs HHH - Shawn Micheals reaps what he sew. The Game pays back Shawn Micheals after already receiving a long week of getting put through tables 2x by Batista.
No DQ Unified Tag Team Championship :WGTT vs Vince & AntDaGamer - The Corporation finally got the job done and become the Unified Tag Champs
AWWE Championship:Undertaker vs Edge - Undertaker does it! again 3x AWWE Champion!
8/2/2009 05:32:52 pm

You should of let Edge won.

8/2/2009 05:33:23 pm

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8/2/2009 05:34:05 pm

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