MVP had a big win over the Undertaker. Could MVP Be at the height of his career in the AWWE. It wasn't one one one but a pinfall over the undertaker is no easy feat. Tonight MVP hopes to extend his momentum as he takes on Cody Rhodes & Evolution with his tag partners Debiase & The Big Show.

AWWE Superstars
Mutoh & Morrison vs Jericho & Umaga
Victoria w/Beth Phoenix vs Mickie James w/Maria
Hardcore Championship 6 Man Battle Royal:Cena vs Finlay vs Jeff Hardy vs London vs Shelton vs Bourne
WWE Undisputed Tag Team Titles:Vince & Ant vs Bushwackers
Main Event:6 Man Tag:Cody Rhodes,Batista,HHH vs MVP,Debiase,Big Show
8/6/2009 08:29:58 am



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