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 Well I usuall don't do this but I'm gonna give a few AWWE Spoilers to boost up the AWWE Universe. For Starters Melina will be returning to face the soon to be decided number one contender to the Women's Championship. Speaking of AWWE Diva's isn't AWWE WM III the perfect time for Trish Stratus to defend that Diva's Championship Again.

  As always the show will start off with Money In The Bank. 6 Competitors will be decided tonight in a big AWWE Saturday Night Main Event showing on

 Rob Van Dam has announced that he will face the man that is AWWE in Edge at AWWE Wrestlemania III In the Main Event for the AWWE World Heavyweight Championshi that leaves another big question to be solved who will face Chris Jericho the new AWWE Champion
Hardcore Championship - Inferno Match - Matt Hardy(Champion) vs Dreamer 3
Women's Championship - Melina(Champion) vs Eve
Undisputed Tag Team Championship - TLC - Bourne & Rey (Defends) vs Evolution's Batista & Orton.
US Championship - Curry Man(Champ) vs Mr. Kennedy
Intercontinental Championship - Undertaker(champ) vs MVP
Diva Championship - Maryse(Champ) vs Kelly Kelly 2
Swagger Responds To His RVD Rematch Lost
AWWE Championship - Last Man Standing - Edge(Champ) vs HHH 2
World Heavyweight - Goldberg vs Y2J

AWWE Smackdown vs Raw