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 AWWE Wrestlemania 3 was historic as we should expect with a ppv of this calibur. Shelton Benjamin , Orton , and Finlay put on the triple threat of the ages. In the end Benjamin would come out on top but all 3 of these competitors was great. 200 plus viewers watched on to see who would win this.
It wouldn't end there. Chris Jericho wold cash in his guaranteed title shot on a tired , fatigued Benjamin. Some how Benjamin defied the odds and won the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 4.

As Seen on the home page HHH won the AWWE Championship. He defeated the Undertaker against all odds in Hell In A Cell. This was truely a shocker to the fans and HHH will now go out as the most impressive superstar in Season 5. Congratulations HHH.

Jeff Hardy would also dominant all the wrestlers in his 6 man battle royal to recapture the Intercontinental Championship. He pinned all 5 Superstars in a show of dominance. Jeff Hardy one day will truely be a AWWE Hall Of Famer defeating the likes of HBK, The Rock, and more in the same night. Jeff Hardy also went out of the season as the number 5 Superstar of Season 4.

Sheamus and Evan Bourne The Bourne Warriors also had a big night. Evan would win the Intercontinental and the AWWE Undisputed Tag alongside Sheamus. Sheamus would later on show everyone that he means business in AWWE and that his future is bright. How would he do this by winning AWWE's last Champion Of Champions Championship match of Season 4. Defeating all the top champions of the night, HHH, Benjamin, MVP, Jeff Hardy, & Undertaker the reigning COC champion. Sheamus has proven that he means business and is a true threat for Season 5 of the AWWE.

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 Incredible past two weeks. The Corporation 2.0 has lost members in Batista, HHH, McCool, Melina, & Stone Cold Steve Austin. Many say these are the last days of the Corp. The Corp still remains strong with The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, & newly added The Great Khali.

Batista Pictures, Images and Photos
Batista & HHH where the force that couldn't be beat until they crossed the boss this pass week. They hate to face the team of Austin & Undertaker this past Sunday at the Armagaddon aftershow and they lost the titles. This would not break Batista and HHH as they are still devoted to doing AWWE without the help of the Corporation.
Stone Cold Steve Austin after loses to MVP in the aftershow decided that it was best for him to retire again from AWWE. He left his title shots and titles to Corporations , Jericho. He announced that Great Khali would be joining the Corporation also. We here at AWWE wish Stone Cold his best on his endeavors. The questions remains though. How long will the Corporation 2.0 exist?

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Great Khali vs Mark Henry
Cruiserweight Championship:Kofi Kingston vs Brian Kendrick:Steel Cage
US Championship:The Undertaker vs Ted Debiase
Women's Championship - McCool vs Phoenix
Undisputed Tag Team Championship:DX vs E&C
Diva's Championship: Natalya vs Maryse
Intercontinental Championship: Shelton Benjamin vs Jeff Hardy
Co-Main Event: Last Man Standing HHH vs Y2J
Main Event:Champion vs Champion:The Rock vs Jack Swagger
AWWE Confrontation Battle Royal Night *time to shake up the ranks*

1. Debiase vs Mysterio vs MVP vs Big Show vs Brian Kendrick - US Contender Match

2. Bourne & Swagger vs Team Canada: Elimination Tag Team Contender Match

3. Jeff Hardy vs Batista vs Vladimir vs M.Hardy vs CM Punk vs R-Truth - Intercontinental Contender Match

4. Eve vs Kelly Kelly vs Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix - Diva Contender Match

5. The Rock vs Swagger vs HHH vs Orton vs Kingston vs HBK - Champion Of Champions

*if available and time permits wrestlers not on card can compete in dark matches for rank after main card*

AWWE Confrontation
1. Swagger vs Sabu:HC Championship
2. The Rock vs CM Punk: WCW Championship
3. Christian vs Jericho vs HHH vs HBK: Battle Royal
4. Shelton vs Kane:IC Championship
5. Jeff Hardy vs Orton vs Cena - R-Truth: ECW Contendership Match
**Dark Matches WIll Follow These Matches For Guys Of Lower Ranks*
** Now In Effect 1 Match Per Night Based On Rank(Except for Champions in Champions Of Champions Matches)**
1 .Crowning Over The Top Royal
2. Champion vs Champion - Ziggler vs Jack Swagger
3. Diva Championship - Natalya vs Melina
4 .Women's Championship: Maryse vs Michelle McCool (REMATCH)
5. AWWE Championship - HHH vs Kane -
6. World Heavyweight Championship - Shawn Micheals vs The Rock
7. Extreme Rules Hardcore Championship - Jeff vs Jack Swagger
8. DX vs Hardy's - TLC- Undisputed Tag Team Championship
AWWE Confrontation Card Wednesday 21st

1. Hardcore Championship: Open Challenge

2. AWWE World Heavweight Number 2 Contender Matchup:Top 5 Superstars In Attendance On Show

3. AWWE Number 1 Contender Matchup: Top 2 Superstars In Attendance On Show

4. Champion Of Champions: The Rock(Emrac) vs Kane(Lamont) vs Y2J(Beediemane) vs Christian(LeonLeo) vs Shelton Benjamin(JC) vs Edge (LeonLeo)

*Other Matches & Contendership Available to those that show and are in the best ranking for that match*

*Also you may always challenge other superstars to matches for ranking points if you and your opponent are present*

1. Hardcore Championship - Jeff Hardy vs Y2J vs HBK vs Ted Debiase.
2. Intercontinental Championship - Big Show Defends vs Edge
3. Main Event - AWWE World Heavyweight Championship - The Rock vs Randy Orton
4. Ending Show Promo's & Challenges For PPV Night Of Champions Season 4
Tag Team Championship - Boom Bourne over Batista & Zeke.
Divas Championship - Natalya takes Melinas title.
US Championship - Khali wins back his Championship.
World Heavyweight Championship - Orton wins a Armagadeon Hell In A Cell to become WHC.
AWWE Championship - Kane takes title from Y2J.

AWWE Smackdown vs Raw