We'll SVR 2010 hits stores tommorow. Some will be able to pick it up at 12 midnight. I've been so eager. Even though I'm enjoying Uncharted 2. Wrestling games are my heart and soul. When I saw people playing early illegal copies I was somewhat envious. Tommorow the envy ends I pick up my copy. We will have a special AWWE presentation of AWWE ECW in Story Designer. Rumors are circulating about Nerdy Tom's first appearance. They say we might see a live sex show with Kelly Kelly. We hear Stone Cold Steve Austin might be there. One thing for sure the AWWE will never be the same after WWE SVR 2010.
 Christian will have to defend his title tommorow night in the Main Event against Vladimir Kozlov. Christian might an appearance interrupting an apposed matchup of Kozlov vs Jericho.  Jericho didn't show instead Christian came out ranting that Jericho didn't deserve to be in the even and neither did Kozlov. Kozlov would then attack Christian and get a chance to advance in the tournament after a pinfall on the ECW Champ. This also is gonna give Koslov the right to face Christian and what will Jericho have to say about all of this tommorow on ECW? Be there and stay tuned to my twitter for place and time.


ECW Championship - The Great Muta Defends vs Randy Orton
Hardcore Championship - Ted Debiase Defends vs Tommy Dreamer
Undisputed Tag Team Championship - The Brothers Of Destruction Defends vs Rey Mysterio & Batista
AWWE Championship - Edge Defends vs HBK
World Heavyweight Championship - John Cena Defends vs MVP

Royal Rumble 2 - 30 Participants. 15 Picked By Mr. McMahon 15 picked by Ant & only 1 to headline AWWE Wrestlemania 2

AWWE Smackdown vs Raw