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Ant: Hello Batista! This weekend Summerslam! World Heavyweight Champions. Elimination Battle Royal. Your Thoughts on Big Show, Cena, & MVP.

Batista: Well Big Show has been a thorn on me for a long time and I'm looking forward to beating him since he did beat me in a match for the US Title. Big Show has turned face somewhat so now it isn't so much personal. Yet the animal has a score to settle.

Ant: So does that mean your still mad at me for the corp days?

Batista: Well You managed to get yourself back in order. You payed back the corp. My old friends HHH & HBK has the Unified Tag Titles. You did what was right so I forgive you.

Ant: Okay MVP Your thoughts....?
Batista: MVP made a good name for himself in the US Division. Until JBL ran him out of it. I don't think MVP is ready for me. I don't think he deserves to be in here. He was just pushed in this matchup with the help of aligning himself with Mr.McMahon. Now that Mr.McMahon is taking time off at least I don't have to worry about him much after I beat him.

Ant: Last but not least. I'm not going to lie, my man , John Cena!

Batista: Its odd but I respect Cena. The man has been a 2x US Champion, one of the Best Hardcore Champions in History, & now he's on his way to the Big Time. Cena won a match like this vs me before we went on vacation. This Sunday its Big. This Sunday Its SUMMERSLAM! I'm looking to stop Cena. Cena is one of the best. You know what now that I look at this matchup. I can see why the Corp was on top for so long. All these guys was in the Corporation at one time or another. This Sunday Though its not alliances its about the World Heavyweight Championship and I'll be Damned it there is another name on this belt besides, The Animal, BATISTA!

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