Nerdy Tom aka The Translater: So Mutoh You wish to speak to the fans!

Keiji Mutoh: Yes I wish to speak to the AWWE news was hit about a week ago that I was coming to the AWWE & I plan on making a big Impact! I'm entering myself in the Judgment Day Preshow. I have also currently talked it over with management & I'm being allowed in that Extreme Rules Beat The Clock Sprint On Raw!!

Nerdy Tom aka The Translater: sounds good but do you think you can get along with Tanahashi I understand you guys have some history. You guys fought at Wrestle Kingdom this past year in Japan. Japan's Wrestlemania!

Keiji Mutoh: Actually thats exactly who I'm fighting tonight. I'm the cross wizard! The Super Ninja. If he still has an issue after tonight I'm not hard to find. SHINING WIZARD!!!

AWWE Smackdown vs Raw