AWWE Wrestlemania 3 was historic as we should expect with a ppv of this calibur. Shelton Benjamin , Orton , and Finlay put on the triple threat of the ages. In the end Benjamin would come out on top but all 3 of these competitors was great. 200 plus viewers watched on to see who would win this.
It wouldn't end there. Chris Jericho wold cash in his guaranteed title shot on a tired , fatigued Benjamin. Some how Benjamin defied the odds and won the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 4.

As Seen on the home page HHH won the AWWE Championship. He defeated the Undertaker against all odds in Hell In A Cell. This was truely a shocker to the fans and HHH will now go out as the most impressive superstar in Season 5. Congratulations HHH.

Jeff Hardy would also dominant all the wrestlers in his 6 man battle royal to recapture the Intercontinental Championship. He pinned all 5 Superstars in a show of dominance. Jeff Hardy one day will truely be a AWWE Hall Of Famer defeating the likes of HBK, The Rock, and more in the same night. Jeff Hardy also went out of the season as the number 5 Superstar of Season 4.

Sheamus and Evan Bourne The Bourne Warriors also had a big night. Evan would win the Intercontinental and the AWWE Undisputed Tag alongside Sheamus. Sheamus would later on show everyone that he means business in AWWE and that his future is bright. How would he do this by winning AWWE's last Champion Of Champions Championship match of Season 4. Defeating all the top champions of the night, HHH, Benjamin, MVP, Jeff Hardy, & Undertaker the reigning COC champion. Sheamus has proven that he means business and is a true threat for Season 5 of the AWWE.

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Mr. McMahon Now Controls AWWE Completely

Dear AWWE Universe,
  With the recent events of AntDaGamer being burned me and the AWWE Board Of Directors have decided he is in no state of mind at the current time to make decisions for the AWWE. I will be accepting these responsibilities. Starting with arrangements for Survivor Series. First of all this year there will be no Armagadeon Hell In A Cell Until Armagadeon. Championship Titles will be put on the line in traditional Survivor Series matchups and Battle Royal Elimination matchups. The AWWE and World Heavyweight Championship will be decided in Traditional Survivor Series matches. John Cena, MVP, Jeff Hardy, and and Randy Orton the guy I'm appointing as number 1 contender to Jeff's Championship will have there on teams. They can determine these teams themselves. More Contenders will be announced during AWWE Monday Night Raw. It's a priveledge to be running this organization completely under my control. Ant will return as an announcer as of next week and until he seems to be healthy I will have full control. The board and I will review him as we see fit.
Undisputed Tag Team Championship: DX vs Edge & Christian
Women's Championship:Mickie James vs Victoria
Unforgiven Inferno Match:Shane McMahon vs Chavo Guerrero
Intercontinental Championship - Cody Rhodes vs  Chris Jericho
AWWE Championship - Jeff Hardy vs Chuck Palumbo
AWWE World Heavyweight Championship - John Cena vs Batista

AWWE Smackdown vs Raw