It was a fun week if you missed the premiere of AWWE ECW on SVR 2010 Story Designer its on youtube. Alot has happened this week the return of Stone Cold issuing a challenge to Batista and Orton attacking Debiase are some that comes to ming. Wait how about Raven making that huge Champions Of Champions Championship Scamble match(tongue twister). He felt that Miz and Knox was wrong and invited them and Tommy Dreamer to one of the biggest matches in AWWE Wrestlemania history. See AWWE SD! soon on youtube for the highlights and replay.

Heres the AWWE Card:
AWWE Wrestlemania 2
Champion Of Champion Championship Scramble:Raven defends vs Tommy Dreamer vs The Miz vs Mike Knox vs Christian vs CM Punk
Cruiserweight Championship - Rey Mysterio Defends vs Primo
Divas Championship - Michelle McCool Defends vs Kelly Kelly
US Championship - Shelton Benjamin Defends vs  Chris Jericho
Women's Championship "Best Diva Ever" Match - Mickie James Defends vs Melina
Money In The Bank Match - John Cena vs HBK vs Edge vs MVP vs Jack Swagger vs The Brian Kendrick
 ntercontinental Championship Hell In A Cell - Undertaker defends vs Keiji Mutoh(aka The Great Muta)
World Heavyweight Championship - Batista defends vs AWWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin
AWWE Championship Fatal 4 Way Falls Count Anywhere - Orton defends vs HHH vs Debiase Jr. vs Umaga
 The Last Show of Smackdown vs Raw 09 was a very long exciting with twists.  There where several tournaments. It started out with a best of SVR09 Tournament that ended with The Great Muta facing The Undertaker. The Undertaker would lose to The Great Muta. Great Muta would go on to become the Best In The AWWE Of WWE SVR09.
 There was also was a AWWE Diva's tournament to crown the 1st and new AWWE Diva's champion. AWWE Diva Michelle McCool faced Melina in the finals and suceeded.

  The King Of The Ring tournament was also held and it ended with Umaga vs Rob Van Dam. Umaga would Samoan Spike RVD twice for the victory.

  Last but not least the Champion Of Champions tournament featured all the current AWWE Champions and shockingly. Tommy Dreamer and Raven would be the last two standing at the end of the show. Raven would go out the winner of the Last Match of SVR09 which was a Last Man Standing. Raven seems to be on top of his game going into SVR 2010 era. We with Raven the best heading into SVR10 what will the future hold for Raven, who started out slow but ended 09 with a bang.


AWWE Smackdown vs Raw