Well The AWWE is on vacation but for the next week. I'm not. I'm sitting down with Ant right now discussing the AWWE.

Nerdy Tom: Hi Ant
Ant: Hi
Nerdy Tom: The AWWE is on Hiatus?! Why
Ant: Well I need a break. My son's back in school and I just thought we should take a break before Summerslam.
Nerdy Tom: This is the 2nd Ever Summerslam in AWWE History
Ant: Yes Tom & Summerslam was our first live SVR09 big time PPV so this marks our 1st Anniversary of AWWE. Last year Christian came though he lost it marked a big moment. The Promo was one of the best in AWWE History.
Nerdy Tom I remember all of that. Matter Of Fact I'm gonna talk about that card.

Summerslam 1
Women's candice vs Melina
Intercontinental - Sabu vs Orton II
Cruiserweight - Evan Bourne vs Kofi Kingston
EcW - Dreamer vs Swagger II
AWWE World - Taker vs Kane vs Mr. McMahon
AWWE WCW - HBK vs Chuck Palumbo
AWWE HARDCORE - Santino vs Christian

 Nerdy Tom: Melina won back her title from Candice. Bourne won vs Kofi. Orton took on Legendary Sabu for the 2nd time and won in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Taker won somewhat a handicap vs Mr.McMahon and Kane. HBK won his championship defense and as you spoke of earlier Christian arrived but lost. Is there anything you want to relive or stars you want to get back to for this anniversary.

Ant: Yes I want to go back there again. I want Candice & Melina to get a shot at Summerslam. I want Sabu back in the title picture vs Christian at Summerslam. I want Bourne & Kofi to challenge The Miz. See I want the best of today vs the best of last year.

Nerdy Tom:This is interesting. What about Main Events. The Undisputed Tag Championship etc?

Ant: Well its quite simple but I can't speak on Undisputed yet cause when we return DX is taking on the McMahons in a Hell In A Cell match for the belts. As for WCW I'm bringing back Chuck, ECW Swagger and Dreamer get a shot vs Muta,  AWWE World Heavyweight Championship will feature the toughest past champions in a 6 Man Battle Royal for the championship. I'm talking Edge, Jeff hardy, Giant Bernard, Kane, Orton. As for World Heavyweight well Cena, MVP, & Big Show would be great in the ring with Batista.

Nerdy Tom: Man I can't wait I'm sure the fans can't wait anything else you would like to discuss.

Ant: Well our next gamesave for SVR09 is out. Check gamesaves for that. Also, You're gonna be updating the site alot next week for the return of AWWE which might come sooner than what I'm currently stating. AWWE Schedule will change it will be done more randomly with my busy schedule causing me to do 2 shows sometimes on one day. Get the Gamesave. Check out my antdagamer.blogspot.com. Last but not least make sure you check out the pics and scans in our SVR10 coverage on the site.

Nerdy Tom: Thanks for that info. One more question are you done from being in the ring.

Ant: Well I have one more proposition for Corp this has been going on for awhile. Its time for the AWWE to move on. So I'm suggesting to Mr.McMahon another match to gain control for another year. If he can cause right now he's caught up with DX. So will have to wait to see when that happens.

Nerdy Tom: Good Stuff! There you have AWWE will be back soon. Save is out and Gamer is ready to take out the Corp. See you guys on the road to Summerslam!

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