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No AWWE or Broadcasting Today.I'm Stressed No AWWE or Broadcasting Today. I'm stressed.

I'm simply stressed out with JTV. It's very stressfull. First on JTV's end theres assholes, racist punks, racist kids, fanboys, haters, wrestling racists(yes theres all forms of racism), and all types of jackasses. You ban them and it comes back to haunt innocent you. I'm flagged again 3x in the past 3 months. I've been flagged. No only this I got my producers took away cause of that stupid new spotlight "I was saying fuck the faggots" over and over while playing online. Even though its a mature channel I still got took on that. Flagged, Burned, & Producer Badge Took!!
If thats not enough in my personal life. I'm currently having issues. The one thing that is stressful from it while being on JTV is my connection. I'm currently without internet. I've just been lucky to have a sister that lives across the street from me. This is how I'm broadcasting wireless I connect to her connection. This has been causing crazy drops. Especially on the PS3 most people come to my channel mainly to see me play online or do AWWE. Well one of them is gone so there goes half the fun to the fans.
Moneywise at the moment JTV is stressfull your doing your best and people are complaining to me about lag and such and I can't help it. Between that and JTV's community at the time. I can't take it. Its one thing when your personal life is okay and your dealing with the normal JTV issues of jackasses. Then its easy but now its not. Its stressfull. So I'm taking a break today. I"ll try to get on tommorow least to do AWWE.

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