After Saturday Night Main Event We Know the following will happen at AWWE Wrestlemania 3.

Money In The Bank
Goldust vs Ziggler vs Morrison vs CM Punk v Kofi vs Mysterio

Stone Cold's Last Match
Stone Cold vs Shark Boy

AWWE Championship
Batista vs Y2J

AWWE World Heavyweight Championship
RVD vs Edge

 Last Night RVD got a victory over Edge, Y2J , and Mr. McMahon. Tonight RVD will face Y2J and Edge in a tag team match his partner will be Batista. Also will figure out who will face Sheamus and Mr. McMahon for there respective titles at AWWE Wrestlemania 3.
Rashawn AWWEfan
5/17/2010 08:45:29 am

I think that RVD can be the best awwe superstar

Rashawn AWWEfan
5/23/2010 07:17:07 am

On may 23 2010 AWWE smackdown was a good show Randy beat Batista and Batista was on fire by Randy and there was a six man match drew vs undertaker vs Y2J vs RVD vs Jushin Thunder Liger vs Dusty Rhodes

Rashawn AWWEfan
5/23/2010 07:20:03 am

On May 23 AWWE smackdown RVD won the match


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