Quality CAWs V1.1 - AWWE Nation's Collide

 Here you go a collection of my releases from around the net. I usually post on first but sometimes I give my fans first access to the game saves. I will keep this up and running as much as possible any issues with links please inform me.
AWWE branches its product again to Smackdown vs RAW 2009 games across the globe. AWWE is a fantasy show broadcasted on It even has an official site. Relive the past moments up to season 2. After a long year and with 2010 close upon us we finally have 20 CAWS with realistic attributes, movesets, entrances, and create a finishers. With all the attribute issues of this year I'm proud to announce this full release. I hope you guys enjoy. I feel this is the best product on NTSC. Despite the fact of numerous people rating low for no reason and without giving comments for the past year. Now its even better. 20 CAWs, 19 Wrestlers, and 1 Non Wrestler that branch from NJPW, AJPW, TNA, etc. This is a nice collection to keep with your Game Saves.  If you wish to catch AWWE Live or the Official Site go to for more info.

[i]You need both DLC Packs to use this save. The save will prompt you about DLC. Don't bother about lying,  it probably won't let you try to trick them into thinking you have dlc. So say the appropriate answer for you. The Champions are the current champions of my Fantasy League AWWE from Enjoy![/i]

*This save reflects on AWWE as of Season 2 after the AWWE Great American Bash PPV*[/b]

[b]Save Size[/b] = 157 MB

[u][i][b]AWWE CAWS [/b][/i][/u]
1. Giant Bernard
2. Travis Tomko
3. Crash Holly*RIP*
4. Hiroshi Tanahashi
5. Rob Van Dam
6. Steve Blackman
7. Jack Swagger
8. Sabu
9. Christian
10. AntDaGamer
11. Raven
12. New Jack
13. The Great Muta
14. Vladimir Kozlov
15. Yoshi Tatsu
16. Kiyoshi
17. Shane McMahon
18. Hiroyoshi Tenzen
19. Keiji Mutoh
20. Kurt Angle

[u][b]Create A Finishers[/b]
1. Bernard Driver
2. Bernard Bomb
3. Problem Solver
4. Torture Rack Neckbreaker
5. Swagger Bomb
6. Third Degree (My Finisher)
7. Raven DDT (Eventflow)
8. The Drive-By
9. Thugnificent
10. Cross Rhodes
11. The Iron Curtain
12. Lightning Flash
13. Butch 3:16 Stunner
14. Praying Mist Powerbomb
15. TTD
16. Ganso TTD

The Corporation(AWWE)
AWWE Kings Of The Ring
Rated RKO
Melina & AntDaGamer
Bernard & Tomko
World's Strongest Tag Team
ECW Originals (Updated w/Sabu & Rob Van Dam)
The Holly Cousins
Doinky Dream (AWWE)
The Bushwackers
Big TymerZ(AWWE)
JTV King Of The Ring(AWWE)
Evolution X(AWWE)

Here Are Some Great Previews Of Past & New Stars Coming To The AWWE Quality CAWS v1.1- Nations Collide. Also check out what exactly the AWWE is about at the official AWWE Website - Theres my youtube page also As Always Enjoy. I just ask for some thanks and appreciation.

AWWE Season 2 New Jack vs Kane  - [url=""][/url]
Keiji Mutoh vs Sabu - [url=""][/url] theres a few vids there of Christian and others.
GIANT BERNARD- [url=""][/url]
TRAVIS TOMKO - [url=""][/url]

Soundtrack:If You Need Music PM Me On CAW.WS Community Forums or AWWE Forums.  Want Pictures let it be known cause lately people download but never leave me any comments nor feedback. Enjoy.

[url=""][/url] CAWS v1.1-AWWE Nation's

Quality CAWS Version .59 - Christian Is AWWE

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