Royal Rumble 1 Winner -Rey Mysterio

The Underdog Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio became a shocking icon on that night in AWWE. He went on to Wrestlemania after a setback of losing contendership to Edge at No Way Out. Rey would still be granted a chance in a 4 Way Match vs HHH, HBK, & Jeff Hardy to win his first World Heavyweight Championship.

Royal Rumble 2 Winner - Triple H

A King Would Royalfully Win Royal Rumble 2
HHH was known as one of the people that got screwed in Royal Rumble 1. HBK turned his back on him on that night. In Royal Rumble 2 HHH managed to get a good number. He overcome the odds thanks to Debiase's greed of winning the rumble. He and Debiase eliminated Orton. It would then be HHH to eliminate Debiase to secure his Royal Rumble 2 Win and go on to headline AWWE WM 2.

Royal Rumble 3 Winner - Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam has always came close. I guess 3rd time is the charm. Plus having the number 1 spot helps. Rob Van and HBK would battle it out at the end but RVD would earn the right to go to AWWE WM 3.

Royal Rumble 4 Winner - Triple H

The Game makes two marks in history by winning the 4th annual Royal Rumble. Not only did he win it but he becomes the first person to win 2 Royal Rumbles in there career. Triple is just that damn good. The best in the business HHH proved to be dominant in Season 4 not only by winning this but also being the AWWE World Heavyweight Champion at that time. This would Secure his place at Wrestlemania 4 at the top despite if he won or loss at No Way Out in the Elimination Chamber.

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