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 Incredible past two weeks. The Corporation 2.0 has lost members in Batista, HHH, McCool, Melina, & Stone Cold Steve Austin. Many say these are the last days of the Corp. The Corp still remains strong with The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, & newly added The Great Khali.

Batista Pictures, Images and Photos
Batista & HHH where the force that couldn't be beat until they crossed the boss this pass week. They hate to face the team of Austin & Undertaker this past Sunday at the Armagaddon aftershow and they lost the titles. This would not break Batista and HHH as they are still devoted to doing AWWE without the help of the Corporation.
Stone Cold Steve Austin after loses to MVP in the aftershow decided that it was best for him to retire again from AWWE. He left his title shots and titles to Corporations , Jericho. He announced that Great Khali would be joining the Corporation also. We here at AWWE wish Stone Cold his best on his endeavors. The questions remains though. How long will the Corporation 2.0 exist?

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