AWWE Confrontation Battle Royal Night *time to shake up the ranks*

1. Debiase vs Mysterio vs MVP vs Big Show vs Brian Kendrick - US Contender Match

2. Bourne & Swagger vs Team Canada: Elimination Tag Team Contender Match

3. Jeff Hardy vs Batista vs Vladimir vs M.Hardy vs CM Punk vs R-Truth - Intercontinental Contender Match

4. Eve vs Kelly Kelly vs Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix - Diva Contender Match

5. The Rock vs Swagger vs HHH vs Orton vs Kingston vs HBK - Champion Of Champions

*if available and time permits wrestlers not on card can compete in dark matches for rank after main card*

8/2/2010 09:09:55 pm

its orton not swagger

8/3/2010 10:41:13 am

yeah, Its Orton, not Swagger

Rashawn98 AWWE vs RCWF
8/5/2010 09:01:32 am

I think AWWE and RCWF is my best show on justin tv so both shows are doing good and I want AWWE vs RCWF WARS


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