BREAKING NEWS:HHH Strikes A Deal with The Corporation! - AntDaGamer's World Wrestling Entertainment
 Earlier tonight just moments after AWWE Superstars when HHH. Lost his title to the Money In The Bank Wrestlemania One Winner William Regal. He struck a deal with the Corporation. Ant said they would be no rematch in HHH's future at the conclusion. HHH would go straight to AntDaGamer and Vince Backstage and ask them for another shot. HHH said he would do anything even put his career on the line. Vince would say really. Then Vince said and I quote "Fine HHH how about we have this Sundays Inferno Match Tommorow night & If you lose to MVP you lose your shot , not to mention youre out of action for awhile!!?!" HHH shook Mr. McMahons hand and said you where on. I Then Spoke with HHH for a moment.
Nerdy Tom: HHH you just struck a deal that could endanger your career?!
HHH: Hell Yeah I Did & I would do it again. The AWWE World Heavyweight Championship is the best title I ever held in my Career! I be damned If i let Regal take that right away from me that easy.
Nerdy Tom: So, you know you could not even make it One Night Stand & If you make it to One Night Stand theres gonna be another Inferno Match. Bodies are burning in the AWWE and one can be The Game!
HHH: No duhh Tom where do you come up with this stuff. Go tell your boyfriend Ant & the rest of the Corp! That tommorow night its on I'm surviving Friday, & This Weekend and becoming AWWE World Heavyweight Champion Again.

 There you have HHH has struck a deal and he means business stay tuned for highlights of Tonights Show coming to the AWWE Universe.

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